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Essentials of Management “Soft Skills for Managers”


In addition to “hard skills” like Finance, Accounting, and Marketing, managers also need the “soft skills” that enable them to work effectively with subordinates, superiors, peers, customers and suppliers. This course gives a thorough introduction to those skills, highlighting how a thoughtful approach to communication can have a significant positive impact on business results through strengthened relationships.
The course begins with an introduction to feedback, a fundamental skill for influencing the behavior of anyone you deal with. Both positive and negative feedback are covered in detail, with specific techniques for delivering feedback effectively introduced. The next module shows how to set goals and evaluate how people perform against them, one of the most essential activities of a manager. The negotiation session introduces the concept of win-win negotiating and the importance of looking beyond the positions that people take to assess their true needs and use that information to reach the optimal solution. The final three segments focus on the role of manager as the leader of a team. How to motivate and inspire your team are explored both with theory and examples. The important approaches of delegation and empowerment are then introduced and the most effective ways to get your team members engaged are explored.
This course will give every manage fresh perspectives on how to interact with others.



第2回:Goal-setting and performance evaluation




第6回:Delegation and empowerment

第7回:Soft skills specific to Japanese companies





Rochelle Kopp

ロッシェル カップ

Founder and Managing Principal of Japan Intercultural Consulting
Rochelle Kopp is founder and Managing Principal of Japan Intercultural Consulting, an international training and consulting firm focused on Japanese business. She is a recognized authority on Japanese culture and business practices, particularly Japanese communication style and organizational behavior and decision-making in Japanese firms. A veteran facilitator experienced in delivering training and consulting to both Japanese and non-Japanese, Rochelle has a particular specialty in facilitating cross-cultural teambuildings and other programs for executives.