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Essentials of Management “Business / Corporate Strategy”

This 4-module/13-video session business/corporate strategy course is carefully designed to give participants clear and practical understanding of how firms can create sustainable advantages in a changing business environment at the business unit level as well as how this can be strengthened through well thought-out supporting strategies at the corporate level.
The core focus of the course is business or competitive strategy, how firms compete and gain advantages primarily at the business unit level – this is why Module 3 focused on “business strategy” accounts for over 50% of the video sessions in the course.


第1回:MODULE 1 Understanding what Strategy is all about

The course begins by giving participants a good basic understanding about what strategy is all about in a “general sense” and introduces some foundation ideas about strategy – again in a general sense – including the different approaches to the strategy developing process.

第2回:MODULE 2 Developing Capabilities for Strategic Thinking

Module 2 develops some key ideas about thinking strategically, and what capabilities/understandings are needed to be able both to think about change – the essence of thinking strategically – and also how to organize strategic ideas through various focused analytical management frameworks that are organized around the “where are we now/where do we want to go/how do we want to get there” big picture management framework

第3回:MODULE 3 Developing Business Strategies for SCA (SCA: Sustainable Competitive Advantage)

Module 2 is more conceptual in nature in thinking about business and corporate strategies, and this leads into Module 3, focused on “business strategies” and validating ideas developed in the previous module. In fact, Module 3 is focused on developing key understanding about business strategy, the heart of a company’s efforts to create value and win in the marketplace at the business unit level, and will provide detailed analytical tools/understandings about how to concretely/step-by-step build up business strategies.

第4回:MODULE 4 Business Strategy to Corporate Strategy

The business strategy Module 3 focused mostly on discussions at the business unit level, where perhaps the main competition occurs in the “fight” for customer value and attention. However, in this final Module 4, the learning discussion moves up to the corporate strategy level, which is focused on deciding what businesses or industries the firm should be competing in – in the context basis of the mission and vision and core value seeking priorities. And should the firm actually be competing in that industry to create new stakeholder value, and f the answer is yes, how can the parent company add value to that effort so that the firm can have a better competitive advantage at the business unit level.


カテゴリ番組名講師名受講料(税込) マーケティング
ストーリーとしての競争戦略 楠木 建 19,250円全7回
戦略構想力 御立 尚資 16,500円全6回
戦略的HRM 御立 尚資 16,500円全6回
組織人事起因のリスクを考える 高橋 俊介 2,750円全1回
マネジメント BCG経営コンセプト ボストン コンサルティング グループ(BCG) 16,500円全6回 マネジメント 経営の失敗学 菅野 寛 16,500円全6回 マネジメント CEO・CFOのリスクマネジメント 近藤 章 13,750円全5回 PDU対象コース
【PDU対象コース】成功するビジネスプラン 伊藤 良二 16,500円全6回
マネジメント ブランド戦略概論 岡田 裕幸 16,500円全9回 マネジメント Essentials of Management “Business / Corporate Strategy” Nigel Denscombe 19,250円全4回 マネジメント 製造業における価値づくり経営 延岡 健太郎 16,500円全6回 マネジメント 競争しない競争戦略 山田 英夫 8,250円全3回 ソリューションスキル
ビジネスプロセスマネジメント 山本 政樹 16,500円全6回
マネジメント コンサルタントから見た孫氏の兵法 後 正武 33,000円全0回 マネジメント 管理職のための考課者研修 岡村 直昭 5,500円全6回 マネジメント 経営者目線で考える全社戦略 菅野 寛 13,750円全5回




Nigel Denscombe

ないじぇる でんすこむ

Denscombe Corporation CEO